Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Pretties


Oh, a Frosty Morn. It was Beautifully frosty this morning, and with Eric home on Christmas break, I grabbed my camera and ran outside.

Blue this frost, 12/10, to the frosty picture above from 02/10. Interesting, no?

Our Willow Tree.

The last of the willow leaves hang on while the sun peeps out.

As if that wasn't Pretty enough. We took the boys to Willman Extended Family Christmas up in Marion today. They were adorable.
Chris kept stealing cousin Travis's Santa Redwings hat, and running off with it, he was having such a great time.

Sam discovered rainbow Candy Canes.

And my nieces are visiting from Spain. They seemed so young, now they return, and they are Young Ladies. Of course, here's Kaylee rocking the supermodel look with some of Aunt Jill's swanky castoffs.

And Alexis, I kept wanting to call her My Lexi all day. I swear she acts like nearly a teenager, and she reminds me so much of myself at that age. She was doing a wonderful job looking after Sam. She is going to be an amazing woman when she grows up, which seems not so very far away as it was before I saw her today. How is she allowed to grow up so fast?

On our way home, we stopped off at the Reynolds Free Drivethru Christmas Light Show in Noblesville. What a great spread, just Beautiful! Sam kept yelling Shyshite, (for light or flashlight) and Chris was just THRILLED! He kept identifying characters, pictures, things, just amazing. I got a giggle at the pretend ice rink. Chris has expressed the desire to go skating on his birthday...uh oh, remember the last time Mommy put skates on for a boy.