Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve


Oh how the insanity of the holidays has overwhelmed me, but in a good way. We've been passing time with family and having such a lovely time, I just didn't have time to Blog.

We started our Celebrations on Christmas Eve by going to see Eric's family. The girls came back from Spain and we had seen them last weekend, but it had been three whole days, and we missed them. We still haven't seen enough of them to get tired of them yet, but we're trying.

Christopher recieved a knight's costume, and had to put it all on immediately, even wearing the shield on his back 'for protection'. The boys were so precious watching the skating penguin. Alexis used to watch this for hours when she was Sam's age.

Sam really didn't care about opening presents, so Chris "helped" him open, and Sam played with them. It was a pretty good system. (But now Chris thinks he has a share in all of them, because they are fighting over toys all the time.)

It was a very Toy Story Christmas for Chris, but also for all things heroes. He got a couple books to read, and he had to immediately start reading. It was so sweet.

We played with the Fam all afternoon, even Amy and I were able to run away for a quick beverage. :) And I got to try to teach Lexi how to crochet.

The high point of the day was going as a Family to church. Eric had to be there early to direct the bell choir, who did a Great job. Chris was a good boy, so he got to hold a candle during the singing of Silent Night! He did a wonderful job...though he got a little rickety at the end.
And when we got home, the boys put on their Santa Jammies and read The Polar Express by the Christmas tree and our train, a lovely note to end on.