Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Shepherd and the Sheep


An interesting opportunity presented itself to us this weekend. Since Chris's Preschool Christmas Program was cancelled for snow, the church invited us to attend the Sunday School Christmas Pageant. There was a rehearsal yesterday morning, and I'll be honest, it was like herding cats to get these 20 kids to do anything.

Miraculously it came together today.

I never saw a boy so excited to be a Shepherd.

And Sam. Oh Sam. They even let Sam be a sheep.

He was none too festive with being a sheep. Sam was the sort of sheep that Needed a Shepherd.

But miraculously, they pulled it together, and they were adorable.

Bet you'll just love this video.


Seestor said...

OHMYGOD, SO cute! I even heard Chris' little voice singing. Wonderful.