Sunday, December 26, 2010

On Christmas Day in the Morning

The boys were very kind to sleep until 7:30 for us. Chris wanted to do presents, while Sam was a bit more mellow this year, wanting to play with toys. Actually he didn't want to open things, he just wanted to eat chocolate and play with toys, so we obliged.

Top Ten Pictures of our Christmas morning at home.

1. Chris made a mad dash for the train. We explained very thoroughly the night before how Santa brings a new car for his train (and for Sam's) each year. This year he got an M&M train. And he couldn't WAIT to run the train. The presents could least for a bit.

2. Test Jumping. Chris tests out the 'new' trampoline.

3. Sam gives the trampoline a test jump too. But his jump is more like a little bob. He'll need a bit more practice.

4. OK, we caved. Chris got a Pillow Pet. A bumblebee. That's manly, right? Well, doesn't really matter, as long as he loves it, which he does.

5. Chocolate. The boys scan stockings for any and all signs of chocolate. Luckily Santa provided.

6. The Diego Watch. Chris has been asking anyone who would listen for a Diego watch. Santa was happy to provide, but it puzzles us all how a watch that doesn't tell time or do anything could make a boy so happy.

7. Rock on Sam. Sam loves his guitar that big brother picked for him so much, he doesn't even want to wait for it to get out of the box.

8. Eric opens up the present I made for him. Mighty Cuddly.

9. The boys want to play Night Night on the living room floor.

10. My favorite. All three of my boys cuddled up in the blankets I made for them.

Warms my heart to see them all warm and cozy too.


Seestor said...

Holycrap, I SO almost got pillowpets for boys, now I'm glad I didn't! Glad Chris liked his though. What a lovely Christmas... Sigh. :)

Cathy said...

Kaylee got two, and she was ecstatic. I'm sure Chris wouldn't have minded a bit.