Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coffee and Kiddoes


We're expecting snow, so the Boys and I NEEDED to squeeze in a visit with my sister and neices. Had to, you understand. Also had to have Roscoe's Tacos for lunch....And Coffee. :)

It's actually great, the older our kids get, the more they play with each other. There's still a lot of fighting over toys, but I'm noticing little bits of improvement. Like when I say, bring that here, Chris does.

Just Yesterday, my sister blogged about how much her girls are like she and I. She's right. My neice Annie is Lisa incarnate...Be Afraid people, Be Very Afraid.

And my neice Charlie...well, she's mine. She got my initials, but also I see a bit of me in there on occasion. She's like a cross between Sam and I, a little high maintenance on occasion, but mostly mellow. And Stinky Cute.

And we both lose our eyes entirely when we smile really big.


Seestor said...

LOVELOVELOVE those pics! So cute. Thanks for hanging out, it was fun. Love you.