Friday, December 3, 2010



We didn't have anything cooking today, I'd told the boys they could stay in their jammies all day. But then it occured to me, Sam's healthy...has been for a couple days, we could Play! So we did, we went to play with the Julius girls.

And while Kathleen was swarmed by the younger generation like ducks to someone giving out bread crumbs....

Chris practiced his awesome karate chopping skills. I don't think he stopped moving for 3 hours.

He 'got to' surprise Emily as she came out of school. I can't tell you how many times she got to surprise him last year, greeting him as he came off the bus. What a treat for him to return the joyous favor. Then the kids had a "Barbie Fashion Show". Although Chris went a bit more classic hippy, not putting on a princess dress this time.

Baby brother got into kahootz with the twins, climbing up on the train table, and while we laughed, we began to worry.

How much trouble will the younger generation bring us? No matter the answer, it was great to hear them laughing and playing, fighting over toys. It's been almost a month since Chris just plain Played with friends. We've got a lot of lost playtime to make up, and the boys got a great start today!