Thursday, December 9, 2010



I think I'm not the only one that has my less than Festive moments. Sometimes being Grinchy isn't entirely a bad thing, like the boys, every time I try to pose them together, they aren't in favor of it.

Today I learned the Library was doing a Grinchy Party, with crafts and games, and a viewing of the Grinch who Stole Christmas, where kids were welcome in their jammies and 'who hair'. So we got the boys dolled up in their almost matching santa jammies, and off we went.

The crafts involved making their own hot cocoa mix. (I can't wait to try, Yum!)

Mommy and her boys, getting crafty.

Another craft was taking glitter stickers and putting them on a picture. Sam alternated between wanting eat the crayons and stickers and trying to figure how the heck to get them off his finger.

And not only did Chris get to listen to the librarian read the Grinch story, they got to eat their weight in popcorn as they watched the movie. They were Super Cute. Ironic how the Grinch, the epitome of non-Festivity, puts me in a Festive mood.