Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Dinner at Opa and Oma's

Chris couldn't believe he still had More Christmas after naptime. He kept asking if it was Still Christmas? It was. After naps we went down to my Dad's for a scrumptious Christmas turkey dinner with all the homemade fixings by my stepmom who is an amazing chef. Even her leftovers will make you cry they are so good. We got Stuffed.

After supper the boys wanted to immediately play with toys. Oma (my stepmom) has a Rudolph set, with all the characters, even Bumbles. Awesome. The boys thought so too.

Got to have some Quality Time with the nieces too. Charlie is 7 months old, and is standing..almost all on her own. Her Daddy must stay close, but he can do the Look Ma No Hands!

It was a good year for homemade presents. Aunt Lisa made Chris a Batman cape. He put that bad boy on, and TOOK OFF down the hall, streaming nothing but black cape behind. And wore it all evening. He had the mother of all meltdowns when I took it off him.

Annie models the hat and cape that I made her too.

And my Dad. He's sporting a Colts Snuggie from Lisa and stylish hat that we got him. The height of Fashion...for a maniacal Colts Fan. It felt good to laugh this hard. A good end to a stressful few weeks.