Monday, December 6, 2010

For Sale


We got a call for a House Showing yesterday morning. It would've been really Ugly. But my wonderful mother-in-law took the boys overnight, so Eric and I could go out on a Double Date...and stay out Late, which we did. And then we got up at a 7, which is in fact sleeping in because Sam has been up before that for days, while we scrambled to get the house clean.

We haven't heard any feedback from the Showing. We did get Feedback from our first two showings, the first person said they really wanted to rent, and the second person said the back yard was too small, and they didn't like the colors of any of the walls, or any of the carpet, so it was too much work to fix. So I'm not optomistic. Eric freaked me out last night, by saying, "What if they want our house, and they want to move in before Christmas, what would we do?" I just said, our family and friends love us, they'd surely take us in until we could live in the house. But just the possibility freaks me out a bit. I want the house to Sell, but maybe by January 2nd.


Seestor said...

I love your wall colors, hell with those people. :)

Cathy said...

We finally heard back from them, and the most recent round said they couldn't see the square footage with all the clutter. Really?! This is Toned Down considerably from what it used to be. Ugh.