Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Cowboys and Indians Museum


I did a Crazy thing yestday. I took the boys to see the Jingle Rails exhibit at the Eiteljorg Museum. The Eiteljorg is an American Indian and Western Art Museum. And Jingle Rails is a Train exhibit built entirely from natural materials, like lichen and tree bark. Amazing. I can honestly say that I'm honored to say I know someone that worked on it. I was floored.

Unfortunately, my camera died 2 minutes into our trip. :(
I did have my video camera though!

However, the boys really enjoyed it. And I'm glad because before I was even in the door I bought a membership to the museum with the gift card we got from Eric's work. It was $50 and got us in, AND Free Parking underneath...that right there is Priceless! THEN we went in to enjoy the museum. They had an entire area downstairs for the kids with a Stagecoach to climb on, an adobe house to play in, build their own totem poles, and ride in a saddle. Chris's favorite part was playing Dress Up. They had some old, out west clothing, leather gloves, a vest, even some sparkly old chinese shirts. (Obviously he wasn't putting on the prairie skirts) and they were doing an exhibit on Mexican Cowboys with dressup clothes...I can't wait to take Some girls, they'll love getting all dolled up in sparkly swirly dresses! But Chris had a wonderful time sporting a black jacket that clinked with Bling. I got an awesome video of his "Mexican Dance".


Carla S said...

Okay, now let me just admit to judging a book by it's cover so to speak. I have NEVER even wanted to go in there so I never have. How pathetic of me. But I kept thinking ewwwww Native American artifacts and boredom. You've changed my mind, yet again, about something. Now I guess my next trip to IN will involve a stop at there.