Monday, December 13, 2010

4 minutes


It's a cold snowy day today. And my back gave out this morning, so Eric plowed us out and let me dash to the chiropractor this morning. The snow could've been worse if he hadn't cracked out the snowblower. It's like the weather decided not to dump as much on us because we had it. And he used it! God Bless Him.

Returning improved but not fabulous, and under orders to "ice it down" I thought hmm....maybe the kids monster case of Cabin Fever could be cured with some running around outside. And I'll park my lower back in a snowbank and let them do so. Ha. So I bundled them up. It took me a half an hour and a whole lot of hurt. But they were so cute, all bundled up.

Sam loved his mittens, they had Pooh on them. And I was reminded of a Chris's first big Christmas where I got him bundled up and he made mitten prints in the snow next to Daddy and I. So I put a print in the snowdrift, and let them try. Sam didn't want to move.

Sam just wimpered and called "Hup." (Up.) I think Sam doesn't like walking in boots. From the minute he put them on, he didn't want to walk. Of course, he wasn't a fan of the wind either.

Chris enjoyed himself for a bit though.

But it was hard to play with one with the other becoming a frothing mess.

So Mommy caved and picked him up.

And big brother said he was Done. He was content to make a couple bootprints in the snow and go inside.

So we retreated indoors to some Hot Cocoa and lunch. Hot Cocoa is always our reward after playing in the snow!

This boy loves him some hot cocoa; I even gave him the stuff with itty bitty marshmallows. :)

After a whole 4 minutes outdoors with high wind and temps in the teens, Sam and I already have howdy doody cheeks. We earned some hot cocoa with our 4 minutes outdoors.