Friday, December 17, 2010

Boys and a Bowl


Sam likes Chocolate. A lot.

We didn't do much today, snack on chocolate and bagels. Things didn't really start picking up around here until Chris glanced outside late this afternoon and realized Mrs. Claus's hat had blown off. Suddenly, he was a Boy on a Mission, to get that hat. He was so cute and determined as we all watched warm indoors.

When Daddy came home, we all scooted out to my Dad's, the boys' Opa, for his Annual Egg Nog Bowl. They had a good time mingling, in spite of being initially nervous.
At one point, I stepped away to do my dishes, and when I returned Christopher was in deep theological discussion with a nun. My Dad works for St. Francis Hospital, and thus the Sisters of St. Francis are close friends, so they come to the Egg Nog Bowl. They made friends with the boys. Sister Martha was talking to Chris and I heard her say, Because I'm with Jesus. Apparently Chris had asked her why she wears so much black. I take it for granted that I went to St. Francis Preschool and Kindergarten, and knew all the nuns, Chris doesn't have that luxury. He is blessed that he still goes to a faith filled church preschool, so his Christmas carols are not only Rudolph but Away in the Manger...if you get my drift.
Anyway, as I sat down, Sister says to me, we were just talking about Jesus. She turns to Chris, "Do you know who's birthday is coming up?" He points to himself. (Leading question, I think she expects him to say Jesus.) I explain that Chris turns 5 next week. So it was True. His birthday is coming up, And Jesus's too!

Sam made his rounds too, he found his Great Grandma Pat's lap to be particularly comfortable, especially when my Dad brought the dog out. Sam ran up to my Grandma, and climbed into her lap...for safety. It was pretty cute.

But we brought him down to meet Schnitzel, who has grown to 65 pounds of almost 2 year old puppy. She was barking her big girl bark, and trying desperately to kiss Sam. Luckily he didn't mind the smoochies. I don't either.

On that note, one last story, (aka joke) that Chris made us laugh about earlier tonight.

"You forgot the Womans!" Chris yelled at me, as we were getting ready to go.
"What Womans?" I asked.
"My Womans."
Huh? I was dressing the kids, and honestly have no idea what he's talking about.
"I Tristofer Matthew Woman, and he's Sam Eyijah Woman." (Christopher Matthew and Samuel Elijah Willman)

Yes, yes, you are.