Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day


It was sad that the preschool program got cancelled this morning on account of snow, 2 inches, woopie. But on the plus side, this afternoon the boys wanted to go out and play in it. AND the temp went from in the teens yesterday to 30, so they actually stayed outside for more than 4 minutes, just over a half an hour!

First Chris went out to 'test his boots'. He was wary of walking in the drifts, he's not used to traipsing more than ankle deep. It was good for him.

And when it became obvious Chris was having a good time, and Sam wanted to join, I got him ready too, and we went out back. Sam finally started to venture forward in the house...

I suppose my chiropractor would be happy that I 'rested' my back in the snow...he's been wanting me to ice down. In winter. Suppose making Snow Angels counts? Chris took this, he thought me modeling snow angels was hysterical. When I was expecting Sam and did it, I couldn't get up, but at least this year, I could.

And so Could Chris!

Sam thought that the Shovel and Pail were the best toys ever.

Chris wasn't inclined to share shovels, so I got him his own, one of my gardening tools. He was so excited!

They were adorable playing together...almost building the blocks for snowcastles...maybe next year.

We did attempt to build a snowman though. But just like last year, when we attempted in pretty snow, that was too fine, this was too, and though it piled, but it wouldn't make snowballs or stick for the true making of a snowman. We improvised.

So we used marigold dried buds for eyes, and a leaf for her mouth, and blackeyed susan stems for her arms. Then we put a Santa hat on her. Christopher decided that her name should be Mrs. Claus. I liked Marigold. We compromised, Mrs. Marigold Claus.



Elizabeth said...

It looks like it was a great afternoon!