Monday, December 6, 2010

The Other Riley


Sam had company today, the son of a friend of mine, Riley, who is 5 months younger came over to play. I went to high school with Riley's mom, and Eric took one look at him and said, Wow, he looks just like his Mom, and I take a look at him and I say Boy does he look like his Dad. Kids are funny like that. You can hardly tell there's 5 months between them anymore. When they were littler, the difference was Huge. Now they're the same size, running around, climbing everything, eating the same foods, Crazy.

They ran high and low. One minute they'd be parallel playing...or eating as the case seemed to frequently be.

The next they'd be fighting. As long as they were eating they were happy, which usually Sam doesn't snack all morning long, even if I offer him food multiple times, he doesn't usually take me up on it, but today if Riley was snacking, So was Sam. Check out their dueling chipmunk cheeks. Sam was in his jammies when Riley arrived. But I opted to dress him in exactly the same outfit Riley was wearing...since we had the same garb.

I thought, how adorable would they be, playing together, dressed alike. The answer would be, Pretty Stinky. Pretty Stinky Cute, and Pretty Stinky Awful. It seemed that whenever Riley actually touched Sam, to Give a hug or Steal a toy, Sam screamed. Sam was notsomuch with the sharing. But even fussy, the boys were still pretty cute. And though the unhappy moments outnumbered the happy ones for Sam, they were so adorable together. So Cute.

And the whole 10 minutes they played nicely together, well, that made it all worth it.

Sometimes God sends me signs I'm not quite meant for 3 yet, this was one of them. However, then he gives me a Blink of Cuteness, that says, although not yet, I do want three, because for that 2 seconds they were playing sweetly Together, they were SO SWEET.