Thursday, November 6, 2014

Monster Mondays


When my niece Lexi was born way back in the day, 2001, my sister in law coined the term Monster Mondays.  I didn't understand.  But she said Mondays were often rough, particularly after a busy weekend.  And this weekend had certainly been one.   We all were pretty tired come this monday morning.  Jacob too.

Jacob filled his pants with a Monster Sized Load to tell me what he thought about this Monday. 
And since we didn't have much cooking, I threw him in the bath.  He had fun with that.  

And as Chris's therapist has a picture hanging in her office, amongst other sayings, "Sometimes, when they're crabby, stick them in water."  It's amazing how a nice bath can turn the whole day around.  We plotted out a yarn run to stock up on goodies to make Christmas presents, I'm getting all excited about making some holiday projects!   

By bedtime, he was in a great mood, and the Colts were playing Monday Night Football. 
Check out the giant tv my Dad gave us.  It has a couple 'constellations' from pixels that are blown, but it's huge.  And Jacob finds it most intriguing.  He'll probably figure out how it works before I do.  
Still the Colts are HUGE in my living room now.  When that camera got behind Pat McAfee as he ran down the field doing a kick, I was amazed.  I'm very Thankful for this neat 'new' tv, well, new to us anyway, that we got yesterday.  It's so very nice!