Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Date


So, while doing a bit of math, I realized that Monday was the only day that I would have for a while to drive down to Edinburgh to the Outlet malls, to get a jump start on my holiday shopping.  I was on the prowl for a shirt for Chris to match this sweater.  Jake received it as a handmedown, and Sam already had one handed down from Chris.  So just needed a new one for Chris.  You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find solid colored orange or brown before Thanksgiving!  I settled on a plaid from Carter's. 

 Still.  This was my shopping cohort in crime.  He's a Great Shopper.  
Quite helpful.  Although, he's getting so big now, he wants to walk around the stores. I even let him out of the stroller at Carter's to play at the Lego table, and he took the chair and took it up to the door.  He was hysterical.  Still, I was able to get some shopping done.  I meant to stop for lunch afterwards, but thought we might make it back to town by naptime.  On our way back from Edinburgh, I got the idea to stop at Greenwood Park Mall at the Disney Store.  Only there's no Disney Store there anymore.  Doh.  Oh well, we drowned our sorrows in a good lunch instead.  

I took Jacob to Thai Spice.  The Best (or 2nd best depending on who you talk to) Thai place in town.  Turns out Jake is a huge fan of spring rolls and Pad Thai, just like mama.  :)