Monday, November 3, 2014

Silly Sunday


It isn't very often that we go visit the Fam's church.  
But this Sunday, Karl was playing the organ as a substitute.  That allowed for Karl, Erica, and baby Cole to all come down for church.  So we wanted to come see them.  So we skipped our own church and went over to church with the Fam.   The boys had a great time playing.  As the service was coming to an end, Christopher took the program, and started to jump with Joy, "Oh Boy!" he says, "They're going to play my favorite song!"  What is that I ask? "Song After Communion!"   I had to laugh. I think that's his favorite, because at one point we sing "with SHOUTS of Thankgiving..."  and we usually Shout.  I used to be in the choir with a fellow named Clem, who was 80 something, acted like everybody's grandpa, had about a dozen great grandchildren, and was always pretty quiet.  But when we sang that song, Every Time, he would Shout at the Shouts of Thanksgiving.  And we started Shouting along.  And now my boys love the Shout.  Clem passed a few years back, but I think of him every time we Shout in church, as well we should.  Meanwhile, at the fam's church, Jacob went into the nursery with his cousin Jeremiah, and he had a great time playing.  After church, Chris reminisced about the days when he went to preschool at this church, and desperately wanted to go out and play.  

The weather had warmed up from the icy winds of Halloween evening on Friday, the sun was out, so I let them go play on the playground.  This playground went in right as Chris was graduating from preschool.  So he didn't get to play on it as much as he would have liked, but still, the boys had some fun.  

When littlest brother saw the big brothers playing on the playground, he wanted to join them.  
So he did.  And he climbed on the slide like one of the big kids. 

The big boys went over to play too.  
But I couldn't get them to all look my way at the same time.  This was about as close as I got.  
Still, I'm glad they got to have some fun outdoors.  Seems winter is coming early.

Mom and Dad wanted to have lunch at Hirosaki, one of our favorite places to eat in Avon.  Normally we eat at the sushi bar, and we figured they'd put a bunch of tables together, but we were a party of 17, including Pastor and Nancy, and there was just no room in the sushi bar, so we took over a couple teppanyaki tables.  I hadn't had that in a long time.  Last time we went to one of those, Chris was afraid of the fire and Sam was too young to remember.  This time however, they ate their weigh in chicken tempura, and had a great time.  Jacob wanted to eat everything we did, turns out he likes onion soup, seaweed salad, and even salad with ginger dressing, and while we were waiting for the rest, Grandma introduced him to chocolate fiber bars, of which he also was a big fan! 

This about sums it up.  
It was 3 oclock before we left the restaurant.  
What a good time was had by all.