Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Museum


Every time we have some kind of Vacation, I ask the boys, what one thing would you like to do on your vacation?   This time Christopher chose spend time with Family.  Well, we checked that one off on Thanksgiving.  Sam told me, he wanted to go to the Museum.  So we did.  Just Sam, Jake and I.  We went to the Children's Museum the day after Thanksgiving, which is the day that Santa comes out and all kinds of winter fun and festivity begins.  Christopher wanted to just stay home and stay in his pajamas.  He had wanted to do so on Thanksgiving too, but Sam had an accident, and needed  a morning bath, and when Chris saw that there were baths happening, he wanted to join.  He was rather angry I made him put clothes on at all yesterday. We would have had to get dressed anyway to go to Daddy's, but I managed to stay pajamafied until after the parade.  So Friday, Chris wanted to, so I let him stay home with the assignment of put his clothes away and then he could watch tv while Eric had to work.

So Sam, Jacob, and I took off on our special date trip.  

Mommy got her first Gingerbread Latte of the Season on the way. ;)
I got Sam a hot cocoa, but he didn't drink much of it, Chris is my cocoa drinker apparently.  I gave Jake a sip, and he burbled it out, and all over himself.  Warm beverages must be too weird for him too. Not for me though! 

Sam's new favorite transformers are Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.  
He told me he wants dinosaur Optimus and Bumblebee for Christmas.  I think that can be arranged. 

As soon as we got there, I asked Sam what he wanted to do.  He told me Go Fishing.  But he got Distracted on the way.  He got to push the button on the giant snowball, and he didn't have to fight with any brothers to do it.   I think he rather enjoyed it.  Then he saw the Gift Shop, and wanted to go in there.  

Who'd have thought the Museum Gift shop would be as fun as the museum itself?  
Sam found this scooter seat, and he LOVED it!  Then he got up, and baby brother gave it a go.  Of course, Jacob could only go backwards with it, as his legs weren't short enough to get on the bar.  But they loved it, and zipped around the store, to the point I was chasing them. 

Both little had some fun on a car table in the gift shop too.  
Pretty sure, this was the first time, they actually played WITH each other, as opposed to Side by Side.  

This was where Sam wanted to be the most. 
He wanted to go Ice Fishing.  
And though it was pretty crowded, he had some fun finding a quiet corner to do so. 
I decided not to see Santa with only 2 sweetboys.  So actually the crowds weren't too bad.

Jacob wanted to get in on the Ice Fishing action too.  
But he got a little dangerous waving the pole around. 
Then they discovered the slide!  

They wanted so badly to go down the slide together at the same time. 
And I was like, NO! And Sam kept scraping his crocs on the outside, I was worried he'd break an ankle. I think I worry too much, because they were having a Fine Time by themselves. 

Both boys were having a ton of fun sliding. 

Then Jacob figured out it was easier to go down backwards on his belly, and he had some fun with that. He's such a big kid now.  

One last photo by the Tree, before we hit the road home.  
It was a good time, and rather refreshing to just get out with Sam and Jake.  It had been a long time.