Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Baby Knits


Last month, Chris found out there was a Knitting Club at school.
I sent him last week, and it didn't really work out, I didn't give him a thick chunky yarn that would build quickly, and he was feeling discouraged.  This week, we completely forgot to go on Tuesday morning.  And I felt terrible.  He was so upset.  I had made a yarn run, so I picked him up a special yarn that was chunky, and new needles, so that he'd be on par with the rest of the class. So when he came home, I worked at trying to teach him.  I found the cutest little poem thing online, "In through the front door, around the back, out through the window, and off jumps Jack."  It's amazing how the cutesy saying actually Helped him understand the knitting stitch.  I'm so proud.  

Great Job Baby!