Monday, November 17, 2014

The Raindrop


On Saturday, I went to This Class. 
I got to learn the Raindrop Technique. 
What is Raindrop you ask?  It's a massage technique using Essential Oils.  
And Young Living has put together a fabulous kit for these oils.  It uses 10 different oils, and is Fabulous. This class I attended was in a hotel conference room downtown, and was divided up into a couple dozen massage tables.  Each table had 3 guests, I got to sit with my friend Cindi.  Then we learned about the Technique. We all watched as someone received a Raindrop Massage.  Then we broke into our groups, and I got to be the first recipient.  Woohoo!  

Then I got to Give a Raindrop, then I got to Observe and open bottles and hand them on.  As it turns out, having someone around to do this is really great.  Now that I've given another, it was a bit messier doing the bottles myself.  Anyway, it's a lot of oil, and it made me feel so relaxed, and light. I could feel them working still the next morning.  I still smelled of spices, and trees, and wintergreen.  And so did all my clothing.  :)  

This was all the goodies I received from going to the class. 
My mother in law sent me, so that I'd be able to go and give her Raindrops massages.  Brilliant idea really.  And while I was there, they had the kits for sale 10% off, no shipping.  So we got one, and then after the class, we split up what was left of the one we'd used.  I got a bunch of half bottles of these oils.  And my friend Cindi was experimenting with making clay diffuser necklaces, and she gave me a few to try out with the boys and I.  I love them, the work wonderfully.  I stink so good now! 
Sunday, I set all this up, and was able to give Eric a Raindrop Massage, which was good since he has this monster deadline he's working up to, and he was all stressing out.  Now he feels good and smells good, but we learned that of all the middle names we could have given Jacob, we didn't give him the middle name Buzzkill, which seemed most appropriate.