Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The birds are back


This past weekend, I felt bad for the birdies.  It was starting to get cold, and they were gonna get hungry, and our poor little feeder had been empty for like a month.  So I had Eric fill it up.  Apparently word got around pretty quickly!

We got a woodpecker, just a little one, a little red bellied woodpecker that looked so pretty bopping back and forth among the orange swamp oak leaves in the early morning light.  

So pretty as fall and winter become one.  

We also got a visit from our friend the nuthatch.  He likes to hop back and forth, act like he's getting snacks from the tree, when really, he's just getting stuff from the feeder and then going to the tree.  

If a bird could ask, "What'chu lookin' at?", this fella would have.
 I spotted this Goldfinch all bedecked in his winter plumage already.  I guess it is winter.