Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Every day they're shovelin'


We got 3-4 inches of snow, so we had to put the boys to work before school to dig our way out.  The upside was that both Chris and Sam wanted desperately to suit up and help shovel... on a school day.   So we let them.  Mom W. got them shovels a while back, and they love to break them out.   But I think this year is the first year, they actually were able to be Helpful.

Both the boys couldn't wait to get out and help Daddy do the driveway.  
Bless their sweet souls. 

They started to get a little chilly, and I made them some Trader Joe's pumpkin chai, very light on the chai, because that blend is really full of sediment.  And they loved it, they called it their 'Special pumpkin cocoa'.  They earned it for helping Daddy out with the snow.  Such good boys. 

But the back stoop looks great!  

Yeah, I have no problems putting them to work before school!