Thursday, November 27, 2014

3 kinds of crazy

My sisters in law brought my nephews (how I love saying Nephews!  I'm still not used to saying that yet, even though they are 1 1/2 and almost 1) over for a playdate.  And Mom asked me to get a picture of the boys together.   They were playing so sweetly, and we were so busy yapping, and enjoying the cuteness, that we didn't think of doing a photo until just about the time they started exhibiting signs of being tired.  We just barely got this pic in before Jeremiah (who calls himself Miah) lost it.  And Jake was soon to follow.  I think the only reason Cole was in a good mood was because he power napped on the way and snuggled up on us.  But man, they are a passel of sweetness!  

I do so love having nephews.  :)