Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lego Fest


Yes, if you've actually been following my counting of the Julian days, I just realized I have goofed up my counting all the way back to March.  That'll take some fixing, so I'm going to fix it later... I hope.

Anyway, we don't normally play hooky from church.  But last year, a number of my friends took their kids to Lego Fest when it came to town, and from the pictures alone I knew my boys would have a wonderful time.  My friend Kathleen told me they were planning on attending on Sunday morning, luckily, tickets hadn't sold out by the time we registered.  They did sell out by the time we arrived on Sunday morning!   It was too fun to see this giant convention hall all decked out in Legos, and there were so many different stations and things for the kids to play with.  We all had a great time.  I don't know how long it will be that all 3 of the kids have interested in the same thing, without having to go to DisneyWorld.  This was it!  No, it wasn't cheap.  But it was cheaper than going to WDW, and the boys were just as excited.  It was worth the fairly obscene amount of money.  Yes, absolutely worth every penny.  They had a great time, played hard, and played pretty nicely with eachother.  I couldn't ask for more.

As you can imagine, it was their Mecca, so they were extra adorable, which made me take a bazillion pictures, for you today, I've cut it down to a Top 20.

1.  Jake with Jake.  Gotta love a giant Jake and the Neverland Pirates Jake made out of legos!

2. With Emmett and Wildstyle.  If you haven't seen The Lego Movie - go get it.  Go right now.   I think seeing these characters made their day.  

3.  Superheroes!  Nothing says my sweetboys like Superheroes!

4.  With Buzz and Woody.  This was almost the same picture we got in the Lego store in WDW 3 years ago.  Full circle.

5.  Epic Battle.  Emily and Christopher created their own Ninjago characters and had a great battle.  Pretty Awesome.   

At first, they were slow, and deliberate with their moves.   But then the epic slamming commenced, and it was just luck whose people went flying.  

6.  Twin beatle battles.  I even took on the boys and the girls.  I must say I got a big kick out of the Ninjago battle games.   

Even Daddy and Sam had their own Epic Battle.  
Sam was more wise than his big brother about his attacks. 

 7.  Creation Nation A.  Daddy and Sam went to Creation Nation, where everyone got one small slab, and built up their square, and they added it to the middle in a giant city building section.  At least, I thought it was a city, until someone posted this pic, it got bigger, and turns out it was actually a giant USA.  This was the final product for our day.  Jacob tried hard to be their helper.  I was happily surprised that he wasn't sticking all the tiny legos in his mouth.

8. Chris's Creation Nation.  Chris didn't take long to knock out his square.  We had battled at Ninjago while Daddy and Sam got started, then Chris and I moved on to this, and were still done before Daddy and Sam. 

9.  Hulky Muscleman.  Love these faces.   

10.  Finally Finished.  Apparently it takes quite a long time to build an equal sided, matching, aerodynamic spaceship.  They spent probably an  hour, no exaggeration, trying to find the perfect matching blocks.  But THIS was their finished product.  Very efficient.  

11.  R4D4.  At the Star Wars exhibit, Sam poses his plane, he names R4D4, by the R2 unit, which we think was named R2D4.  

12.  A Real Prince.  Only a real man can get away with posing with a princess, Kristin and Sam pose together at the lego princess exhibit, oh and Cinderella too. 

13.  The great shoot off.  The boys and the girls shoot at targets.  

14.  Another Emmett Sighting.  The boys and the girls get caught by an Emmett made of Legos!

15.  The whole crew.  That's one fabulous construction crew! 

16.  Toast.  Our tickets had us there from 9-1:30.  At about 1 o'clock, Jake called it quits.  

17.  Chris in Lego Mecca.  A sweetboy literally surrounded by Legos.  

18.  Sam's Lego Mecca - Supersam surrounded by Legos.  Frankly, I hated walking on this pile.  You know how terrible it is to step on a Lego?  Imagine them wedging their way down into your shoes! 

19.  Sweetboys in their Natural Habitat - a pile of Legos

20.  The Last.  On our way out, the boys stopped to say Farewell to Darth.   It was good.