Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Being Thankful


On Sunday, the boys got to sing at church.  It's become this great common thing, that the children's sunday school program performs some songs about Thankfulness, maybe it's the children's choir, before Thanksgiving. I'm glad that they remembered, I hadn't.  But they happened to be dressed decent, so it looked like I was prepared.

They look pretty handsome in their 'handsome shirts', that's what they call their white button downs.

Chris is on the far left of the group, kind of hard to see, and Sam's in the back row on the right. 
I was telling Eric what they sang in church, because he wasn't able to make it, and all I could remember was the chorus, "You came from heaven to earth, to show the way; from the earth to the cross, my debt, to pay..."  I couldn't remember the title.  Yeah, it took me singing the whole chorus to remember this one is called Lord I Lift your name on High.  

They look so cute doing the chorus.  
It's a little different from the way that we used to do it, but still adorable, and catchy, and they had fun.  They did two songs, and they were so sweet.  I was greatly impressed at how well the boys knew the words and motions, considering life's happenings had kept us from church for the last couple weeks.  

When they performed at the Grace service, I was able to see them a little bit better.  I think they are a little bit easier to spot in those bright white shirts.  

They bring me such Joy.  I love their spirits, and I love that they have no fear getting up to sing in front of the church.  It's good that they learn early that when there are people that love you in the audience, there is no need to fear getting up in front of them.  They are so very very loved.  And I am so Thankful for all these kids, and their teachers, and our church family.