Sunday, November 30, 2014

I got Plenty to Be Thankful For!

You know that song from Holiday Inn?  Bing Crosby is singing, I got plenty to be Thankful For, as he's staring at a Thanksgiving turkey?  Well, it's one of my favorites.  I try to watch Holiday Inn every Thanksgiving...or at least soon thereafter.  Haven't made it this year, yet.

Prompted by the song, and by the month of November ending, I just wanted to jot down some of the things I've been especially Thankful for this month.

  1 -  Thankful that Jacob was just fine by really angry when he wriggled out of my arms while on the stairs and fell, he only hit one step and bounced right back into my arms.  "Tops are made out of rubber, and bottoms made out of springs..."
  2 - Thankful for my Family, both by being able to have lunch with my inlaws after visiting the fam's church and hearing Karl play, and for my side as Eric and Ryan got to go pick up the TV that he gave us, it is Huge!  So Blessed by such wonderful family.
  3 - Thankful for the funds and availability to go for a yarn run, to get started on those holiday gifts!
  4 - Thankful for being able to teach Chris to knit on a cool autumn evening. :)
  5 - Thankful for Cedarwood oil, smells so nice, and works so well!
  6 - Thankful for a girl's night out!  It was Therapy and Book Club.  I hadn't read the book, missed half the movie, but it was still wonderful to sit and laugh with my girls, and just know I'm not crazy.
  7 - Thankful for cocoa butter!  Why had I never bought it before? It smells so good. I had some friends and fam over to make some Oily lip balms, we used cocoa butter which was phenomenal with orange and peppermint.  Oy!
  8 -  Thankful that Christopher got promoted from purple to brown belt!  I was so proud of him on the way home we stopped at Goodwill for a new bike.  He'd gotten 2 stripes the other day to finish it off.  It was close, but he managed to pull it off.  Good Job!
  9 -  Thankful for Legos!  The boys and I had a great playdate at Legofest downtown, I was Thankful that there really was something for everyone in my family to enjoy.  Although it did exhaust all the boys so much that by evening, only Sam hadn't plumb lost his mind, I was thankful for Sam too, he hugged me and saved my sanity from the others.
10 - Thankful to have been able to sneak away and get a start on my holiday shopping in Edinburgh with Jacob.
11 - Thankful for those that have Served, and are still Serving.  Happy Veteran's Day.
12 - Thankful that Jacob was fine.  He was playing on the stairs, playing with the gate, he didn't fall, but he somehow managed to turn himself upside down and get his head stuck between the gate and a step, with his feet tangled in the gate, so that I had to pick him up by his ankles.  Gave me a heart attack! He was so Thankful to be right side up again, and I was just happy he was ok.
13 - Thankful for donuts with Sam.  We dropped Chris off at school, and went for a donut date before school started, since Daddy had an early meeting he couldn't put Sam on the bus, we ended up with this unexpected Gift instead.
14 - Thankful for the boys' school.  We are so lucky to have Brown, the teachers, the team for Chris, and we were really lucky to participate in the first annual Game Night.  So Much Fun!
15 - Thankful for my Oily Raindrop class.  My mother in law sent me to this Oil class, and I had a wonderful time, learned so much, and got to spend some time meeting some really neat ladies.  And I stunk so good!
16 - Thankful for a day off, Sam puked in the morning, probably because he hadn't eaten, but we didn't know that right away, but I stayed home with him, and got some quiet time, a quiet day, and I was able to give Eric a Raindrop massage to help work out a smidge of the stress he's been feeling.
17 - Thankful for Christopher, especially on World Prematurity Day, since he was born at 37 weeks to the day, he was slightly premature, but he has  had a lot of the problems common to preemies.  He has come so far!  I'm also so Thankful for the research that had been done, so that the issues he was born with were old hat to the Miracle Workers at Riley.
18 - Thankful for all the males in my household were out cold by 8:30.  Now that meant it had been a really rough evening for some of the bigger boys.  But I was Thankful for a quiet evening, at last.
19 - Thankful to be cozy, it was the perfect day to snuggle up with a warm flannel and a warm beverage.
20 - Thankful for being able to see Emily do her Irish Dance live and in person for the first time.
21 - Thankful for stepping out.  First I got to pull Eric away from working at home so that he could have lunch, a simple chinese buffet, then I got a girl's night out at my friend Lori's for a Jamberry party and put on some silly turkey wraps, it was good to get out and laugh.
22 - Thankful for my Grandma's cookie recipes for Springerle and Pfeffernuss.  I know she didn't like making them, and I get worn out doing so, but I love the finished products.  I've finally learned that I have to make them before Thanksgiving so that they are perfect for dipping into coffee or tea by Christmas.
23 - Thankful for Sunday afternoon naps on a rainy day.
24 - Doubly Blessed - A. Praising the Lord that it was Kaylee's Last Day of Chemo!  She got to Ring the Bell at Riley signifying the end of her treatment. And B. Blessed to see my nieces, who just arrived late last night from El Paso, and I hadn't seen in months.
25 - Thankful that Sam didn't puke.  He looked a little edgy this morning, thought he was gonna, but he calmed down, and ended up going to school, so that he could participate in the Thanksgiving Feast at school.
26 - Thankful that Eric took a break from his hideous work project to finish watch Game of Thrones and just have some vegging out screen time together.
27 - Thankful for the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving at home, my boys enjoyed just chilling out, we enjoyed being able to simply have dinner with my Dad and sis, but I missed Grandpa and the extended Willman clan.
28 - Thankful for my first Gingerbreak latte of the season, and some quality time with Sam.
29 - Thankful for my inlaws, for forcing us out for a much needed break, and for buying me a much needed drink!
30 - Thankful for a warm weather day, where the boys can get outside and play off some of their endless energy.