Sunday, November 30, 2014


There's this group I'm in, a Facebook Photography group, and we get monthly challenges.  November's Challenge was to do a picture in monochrome, that is to say, black and white.  I wanted to take a picture of the sycamores, since in Indiana, when they lose their leaves, their bark is a stark white.  So I wanted an unobstructed view of sycamores, maybe by a creek.  I was driving around and found one off Raceway Road, near a creek/river called School Branch, which feeds into Eagle Creek.

So, while the kids were in the car, I hopped out and took some pics.  

Then I got home and tweaked them a bit, to make them black and white.  

This one was my favorite, it's the one I entered in the contest.  

*Addendum - it appears I did not win, but at least I participated.*