Sunday, September 21, 2014

Want some popcorn?


I was so proud of Christopher today.  This afternoon, he went out with some other members of his Cub Scout Pack to go sell popcorn out front of one of our local video stores.  It's the first weekend of popcorn sales, and I picked up his uniform on Friday.  He was so excited to receive it.  He couldn't wait to go wear it.  If he sells 30 items, then he gets 1 week of camp for free.  60 items gets him a week of camp AND his dues paid for next year!  He got his face painted at lunch, but he still is the most adorable Wolf Cub I've ever seen.  Eric tells me that all the levels of Cub Scout are based on characters from The Jungle Book - tiger, bear, wolf.  Cool.  He is really excited about Scouts.  He sat and read his new handbook for an hour and a half this weekend.  And he even managed to sell a couple packages of popcorn too!