Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jamberry nails

No, I'm not selling Jamberry nails now too!  But I did want to do a review of them.  2 weeks ago, my friend invited me to a online party for Jamberry nail wraps.  I had heard of them, thought they were basically stickers instead of nail polish.  I'd tried stickers once...like when I was 12.  They didn't last. Didn't work for me.  I'm hard on my nails.  I didn't have much hope, or expectation. 

Then 2 weeks ago, I went to my friend Lori's house, she was hosting Freezer Cooking night, and she was giving out samples. I just seem to be at an age where all my friends are starting Home Based Businesses.  And frankly, Good!  I am just starting out in my own consultant business with Young Living, but I can see the temptation of these Jamberries too.   I got some slack the other day for being so interested.   I enjoy having my own thing too, it gives me some flexibility with my schedule, and a little income.  If I like the product, I will buy.  Even moreso if I'm helping a friend in the process. I know if having a home bases business is helping me, it is helping my other friends.  I'm happy that we can all find products we support.  And I want to support my friends, perhaps with a party at our house, or perhaps just by buying, or both.  In this case, I'm helping out with both.  And turns out these products are a lot of fun. 
Lori gave me a sample at her house 2 weeks ago, and I put it on, came home, and painted the rest of my nails.  To compare/contrast.  I wish I'd taken a starter picture.  The picture above is 4 days later.  The regular polish really didn't last.  It never does.  Really, this polish lasted longer than most of the ones I try.   Like I said, I'm hard on my nails.  The jamberry sample lasted longer though.  I liked the feeling of reinforced strength from the nail that had the Jamberry wrap on it.  My nails are prone to chipping, and it didn't with the Jamberry.  So while Lori had a fb party during that week, I sat back, not going to order anything, just listening and learning.  But I liked the product.  And I wanted to help my friend.  So as the party came to an end, I ordered some.   I was hoping that my sample would last, but it didn't.  I'm not very good at putting them on, but as opposed to having a regular polish manicure last me a couple days, if I'm lucky.  This lasted longer before it started shredding.  I really wanted to pick at it there at the end.  I ended up giving up and taking all the polish off, and pulling at the sample wrap.  I read up on removal, and was a little worried that it might rip off layers of my nail beneath, but someone suggested soaking in coconut oil as opposed to acetone, which would have worked fine, but I was worried that soaking in it for a long time to break down the stickum would be bad.  I probably didn't need to worry, but it did give me an opportunity to experiment and include a little with my own business.  My oil people said that lemon oil is good at removing gook and grease, and it is one of the oils I use every day.  So I put one drop of lemon oil on the nail with the wrap, and the sticker slid right off.  And with one wipe of a paper towel, my nail was clean and clear, and smelled rather scrumptious.   I was sold. 

My new wraps arrived yesterday!  


So, last night after the yahoos went to bed, I did my own mani/pedi.  I don't have a fancy dryer for warming the wraps and applying, so I improvised.  I used an iron, and held my wrap up to the iron plate with my tweezers.  I may have to invest in an orange stick, which the recommend, because using the tweezers, the wraps would stick to the metal.  They don't look too bad in the picture above.  I put on Purple Herringbone on my feet, for Brownsburg.  Dog Dash for the boys is Friday.  And on my hands, Turple Ombre, which is a fun fading color, that starts turquoise at the base of the nail, then fades to purple at the top, with hints of blue in between.  My favorite colors.  And Suzy's. So I thought I'd put that on, it made me think of her, and smile.  Though I did learn I'm terrible at putting stickers on my toenails, and I can't cut left-handed.  And it's really hard to take my own picture of my hands and toes in the same shot.   In my picture above, they don't look too bad.  But there are lots of tiny errors.  I see them.  But they still look pretty.  I say it's a good sign for the product, if I can mess them up so much, and they still look so nice.  So, I'm going to host a party for Lori at my house on the 3rd.  Let me know if you are intrigued and interested too. :) 


Elizabeth said...

They look great, Cathy! And they get easier to apply each time. Mine just arrived this weekend. I need to make time to put some on!