Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Rescue Squad


Sam came home from school sporting this designer outfit.  Apparently he learned all about Firefighters.  He would make a fine firefighter.

While I took Chris to piano lessons, Sam got creative making a firehat and badge for Christopher.  

So now I have my own firefighter team.  
Rescue Boys - better than Rescue Bots - roaring to the rescue! 

After supper, we decided to do some yard work, it was a lovely evening, and we don't have very many of these left, so we went out to do some weeding in the front garden.  And Chris took on his rescue roll quite well, as he kept an eye on Jacob to make sure the baby didn't dash in the street. He and Sam brought out the car to keep him occupied.  So I got to pull three bags of weeds, a record for this year!  And Eric got it all cleared from the hose to the steps.  It looks really nice along the front walk.  Hooray for husbands who pulls weeds and rescueing sweetboys who entertain their baby brother long enough for us to do so.