Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Boys Mustache you a Question


Did you donate to Riley?  

We do.  Some of it owed.  But you all know how Riley has a soft spot in my heart.  If not for that place, I don't know that Chris would be here.   They took, and still take wonderful care of my sweetboy.  And I love that our school does fundraisers to benefit Riley and the Ronald McDonald House.  I almost always participate when they say it's for Riley.  Mommy's a sucker for Riley.  

We had an IEP meeting for Chris at the elementary school, and when we arrived, they were counting the money for the day's fundraiser.  If you brought 1$ for Riley hospital, you could get a mustache.  Oh man!  I forgot!  I  was so bummed that I had forgotten to give them each a dollar so they could get mustaches for The Cause.  I checked to see, and I did have a little petty cash, so the wonderful secretary at the school called down to the boys classrooms, and had them come to the office.  So I gave them each their dollar, and they donated, and bought mustaches.  

They are pretty adorable in their red mustaches. :) 

Just one more wonderful reason that I love that school!  
Let the boys think we came down just to buy mustaches, when we had a meeting too, it's fine with me, I'm so happy that my boys go there. I know they are Blessed by their teachers, and I am confident that they are very well taken care of.  This school is another reason I'm proud to be a Bulldog.