Monday, September 29, 2014

View Halloo


It was a lovely Monday outside, even though it felt extra rough all day, since we were up and out so late the day before.  I was relieved our plans were cancelled so Jake and I could just hang out at home. But here's a snapshot or two from my day, my view haloo.

This is the view off my front porch.  Leaves are beginning to change.  
Fall is here. 

What color do you think this is? 
Is it purple, is it blue?  
Well, sometime soon you'll have to come to our house and find out, because we decided to finally paint the front door.  The house trim has been au natural since we moved in, so we're finally going to do something about it.  We did dark green at the old house, so we wanted something different here.  We couldn't decide between purple for Brownsburg Bulldogs, or Blue for Butler Bulldogs.  So we're going to go for a little something in between.  :)  I'm pretty excited, it's going to look really snazzy!  

Mr. Egg Nostrils. 
Photobomb by Chris. 
But it seems like I can barely get anything done around here with these little goofi.  
And that's ok.  
So that's what's cooking in my neighborhood.