Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ready to Party!


We had a remarkably productive day yesterday.  I cleaned up the kitchen.  The boys all did some yard work.  Daddy even let Chris and Sam take turns sitting in his lap on the tractor around the yard, while Jake and I slept.  We got to have lunch with my Dad.  He invited me to a the Colts Game today.  It's my first time.  I'm so excited, I  can't stand it.  I've lived in this town most of my life, and I've never been to a game before.  I may not know much about football, sure I still call it Tip instead of Kick-off, but I've got Team Spirit!

And I have 3 sons, I'm going to have to learn about sports.  
Luckily my sweetboys were excited to be helpers yesterday!  

Sam helped me in the kitchen. We made homemade sugar cream pies.  
It was Grandpa's 65th Birthday!  

They painted their own watercolor cards.  
Which they promptly forgot to make sure he took home.  
That's all right, I love having their artwork around. 

The boys helped Daddy grill out a tubed meat extravaganza, Johnsonville brats and Sahlen's hot dogs.  Nothing but the best. 

Sam gave his picture to Grandpa, but while we were eating, it got set down and left behind.  
I love that Sam has found his artsy side. 

FYI, if you ever make a sugar cream pie, and try to put candles in it, don't try to put them in the middle. ;)  They do much better leaning on the crust! 

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Yeah, we're silly.  
But we were happy to be the only Fam in town to continue spoiling Grandpa for this big birthday.

In addition, this week, my initial jamberry application hit 2 weeks old, and started to disintegrate.  I lost the pinky nails, and they were shipping and peeling.  So I removed them with lemon oil.  And let them set a few days. I'm having a Jamberry party this coming Friday, and wanted to put something new on.  But being without color on my nails was actually making me a bit twitchy.  

So in addition to my other experiments yesterday, I tried the retired Blue Sparkle nails I got last month from my friend Lori.  We're starting a nail party tomorrow on fb that will culminate with a house party here on Friday.  Plus the blue was extra spiffy because I gotta have nail spirit for the game today too! 


Elizabeth said...

Those blue nails are perfect for the Colts!