Monday, September 15, 2014

More Oily Stories

Thursday night, I was trimming the boys nails, and when I got to Sam's, I realized that his fingertips had tiny white dot blisters on them.  I had heard that Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease is going around.  Actually, Sam had it a few years back, probably when he was a bit older than Jake.  So I didn't want him going to school.  I checked his feet, there were peeling blisters there too.  All Sam's blisters were white.  I checked in his mouth, and I didn't see much, except the underside of his tongue looked lumpty.   So I kept him home from school on Friday.

I coated him in oils.  First I diffused Thieves for us all.  Jake had been snoochy, and I was hoping he didn't come down with Hoof in Mouth too.  Jake has been snoochy this week, but I was 90% sure it was allergies.  Still am.  But with Sam down, I had better watch all these boys.  I put a dab of coconut oil in my hand and one drop of lavender on top, and slathered Jacob up with it.  Lavender is fine for him straight up, but I cut it just the same.  He smelled so good, and it really stopped his nose from running away.  And after an hour of crazy, lavender makes Jake sleep.

Sam was fine meanwhile.  But my book recommended Melrose, so a couple times that day, I used my Melrose roll-on, 25% of Melrose in a rollon with the rest being almond oil.  It has clove, rosemary and both melaleucas in it, so it's got kind of a warm, spicy scent to it.  And it's healing too.  So I roll it on his hands and feet, with a bit extra on his neck, because hoof in mouth can also have a sore throat.  I woke up this morning with a sore throat.  So I put on the Thieves.   Meanwhile, Sam is in a fine mood.  He was actually really upset with me yesterday for not letting him go to school.  But until I know that the boys are non-communicable, they are not going to be around other kids.  I'm mean that way.  I insist on not being the source of spreading germs.  Well, Sam felt fine.  He even asked if he could go out and play, in the middle of the day.  The school day.  So I said Sure.  Well, Jacob was tremendously jealous of that, and he put his own crocs on, and stood in the windows by the front door, just dying to go outside.  Well, I was making lunch, so I couldn't go out too.  Sam came in, and begged me to let Jacob go outside and play with him. Hmm.. ok, IF you promise to stay with him, out front.  Well, a few minutes later, I got Sam's lunch done, and pulled our (Jake and I's) pizza out of the oven, and as soon as I set it down, I heard crying at the front door.  I ran up to it, and found Jacob, bloody snot coming out of his nose, crying hysterically, and a scratch on his nose.  It looked like he'd fallen and taken a layer of skin off the side of his nose.  But his hands and knees were fine.  His hands were a little dirty but nothing else.  I think he crashed into the bricks on the sides of the house, or the porch, because there were no other injuries other than his poor nose.

It's hard to tell, but this was Friday afternoon, when Jacob's nose dried out a bit, it was clear that whatever happened, took a layer of skin off his nose.  It was kind of oozing clear.  Well, I know Melrose and Lavender are great for cuts and bruises.  So I slathered up Jacob in lavender and coconut oil.  Then in the evening when I put more Melrose on Sam, I added some to Jacob too.  


These were Sam's fingers Saturday morning. 

I slathered him up with Melrose.  I had that sample made that was 1/4 Melrose, and 3/4 almond oil.  I put it all over his fingertips, and on his toes.  I even put some on Jacob's face, drawing a little triangle around his nose too.  It's actually helping.  Instead of a giant pink mark, it was scabbing over.  

So by today, Jacob's booboo was smaller, and scabbed over.  I applied Lavender and Coconut twice, and he would fall asleep shortly thereafter. I can't tell if he's falling asleep because of the super sleep powers of lavender, or if he is falling asleep because he's sick.  I think it's the Oils. I think that Lavender makes Jacob sleepy...after an hour of revved up crazy, then he drops.  But I can tell you they heal fast.  That Melrose and Lavender on both boys booboos have helped. Sam hasn't gotten any sicker, and Jacob's owie is smaller.   I am so Thankful for these Oils, that they can be slathered onto my kids, recommended for all kinds of health issues.  I'm not a doctor or anything, but I do enjoy the mystery, it's like solving a mystery when given the issue, and a person, that I can try an oil, or combo of oils to help solve their health issue.  I love being able to help my boys and make them better by putting on these all natural oils on them.  And I also am pretty content in saving money by not going to see the doctors all the time too.  We definitely saved some money this weekend!