Wednesday, September 3, 2014

These boys move


Jake started a new trick last night, climbing up a chair.  He figured out how to climb up one of the kitchen chairs during snack time.    He's becoming Mama's Little Monkey.

We guessed he wanted to join us for snack too. 
So I put him in his high chair.  This past weekend, we moved his chair tableside.  He kept refusing to eat things off of the high chair, but he would eat things if they were coming directly from the table.  I guess he's decided he's ready to eat.  He wants pizza whenever we have it.  And yesterday, he wanted Strawberries, just like the big boys.  

All the boys can get a little goofy at snack time. 

When Daddy got home, and was making supper, Jake padded into the kitchen. He was crawling up one chair, and Daddy laughed and got him down, and he was right back up another and another.  Daddy called him Goldilocks, of Goldilocks and the Three Chairs.  This morning he got Faster.

We're in trouble!