Monday, September 15, 2014

Rusty Squeezebox

My poor Wheezy baby.  He woke up sounding terrible.  He hasn't been sleeping, not that he ever does, but there was one day last wee I don't mind pulling him into my bed when I'm worried about him.  Frankly, it eases my mind.  Yesterday, I was a bit worried about him, he sounded a bit wheezy when we were dropping him off at Grandma's.  She said it's not a true wheeze unless you can hear it from the back, so when he started it again this morning, I checked.  Yup  - it was a true wheeze. He sounds like a rusty squeezebox.  So when  I took him into his room to get dressed, put a dollap of coconut oil and a drop of lavender in my hand, and covered him with lavendery goodness.  He was slimy and smelled scrumptious.

I was applying lavender to his face and body all day, he was a snoochy mess.   And being snoochy and smothered in lavender must be exhausting!  Because he fell asleep in my lap at 9:30 this morning.   Then took another two hour nap in the afternoon.

But when he wasn't sleeping, he was breathing better, and bugging me.  He even started bringing me another one of his favorite books to read, "That's not my train".  He calls it 'Doo Doo', for Choo Choo.  There are trains on every page.  He's going to love it around here come Christmas time, with all the trains we'll have going.