Saturday, September 20, 2014

No, I'm Batman


Chris and Jake just happened to be wearing their Batman shirts yesterday.  Sam complimented them in yellow.  It wasn't prepared.  They are usually dressed for school before I come down with Jake.  

Jacob was playing with his toys when Eric came in the room, and asked me, "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"  I think Jacob asks himself the same question.  

We had a great busy day.  After the big boys got off to school, Jacob and I headed off to Kindermusik class.  He loves the class, even though he is taking a bit of time to warm up.  His favorite parts are swinging, and putting toys away.  (Wish he'd do that one at home.)  
After Kindermusik he and I drove out to the East side to go to the Boy Scout store, where I got to pick up Christopher's new Cub Scout uniform.  Then we had lunch at Panera, and went to visit our friend Amy P who recently moved out that way.  We got to talk, do some Oily playtime, and the kids played.  Jacob was happy, he slept in the car, and we made it home just in time for the big boys to arrive.  

They look a lot alike, Chris and Sam. Good thing they are 7 years apart.  But I just can't resist the Cuteness when they are matching...or in this case almost matching. 

Chris made it to Celebration at school, no darts all week.  And he was nominated for Hoosierific Student in his class by 2 different kids. He didn't win, but this was the first time he was nominated.  I was super proud of him, so I gave him all the goodies I got at the Boy Scout store as a present.  That scout store is NICE. I could go Really Crazy in there for him for Birthday.  I will try to behave myself, and hopefully he can earn himself some store credit, and camp credit by selling boatloads of Cub Scout popcorn.   If you need some, I know someone.  ;)