Monday, September 22, 2014

Some Cheese Please?


It's fall.  It's apple season.  Time to break out the Red Hot applesauce.  A friend introduced me to it, so simple, when you make homemade applesauce, while it's simmering, toss in some red hots, you know, the cinnamon candies.  They melt and infuse the applesauce with sweet cinnamony goodness.

Since it's fall, I broke it out and gave some to Jacob to try. 
I like it best with a side of cottage cheese.  

Initially, he was a little hot fruit about it.  
But he decided that he really liked it.  In fact, he ate half my snack! 

I kept trying to take his picture of him putting this on his head.

This was a floor duster thing, it had a battery operated ball that would roll around in the cage, and there were swiffer like pads that would stick to it.  We could turn it on, and it would roll around the house, and theoretically clean it.  But it always got stuck in the dining room.  And now the kids have long since lost the ball. And I have no idea where the cleaning pads are.  So I just hid it in the dining room, where it liked to live anyway.  But Jacob has found it, and decided it makes a great hat.  I thought that was pretty cheesy too.

He was in rare form today.  He's Mommy's little goofus.