Saturday, September 20, 2014

Taking Pictures of Sweetboys


I know you know, my favorite photographs to make are those of flowers, and sweetboys.

This was over breakfast this morning.  
Jacob was going for big brother's straw cup.  And got it.  And drank from it.  
So it's time he's got his own! 

Someone is rather proud of himself for working his own straw cup. 
Granted, he still can make a heap big mess, but he has a lot of fun with it.  

Apparently, yesterday was Police day at school, so Sam came home with a different badge.  So he decided he needed to make another hat just like he made Chris's firefighter hat yesterday.  Rather adorable.  And I'm LOVING this artistic streak he's discovering within himself.  We had such a hard time finding his artsy side.  

In fact, he asked nicely if he could borrow my camera today. 
I let him.  He took this picture of Christopher.  

And this one.  He may need a bit more practice.  But he was super excited that I let him try. 
But photography is an art.  And I already know Christopher has a good eye.  Maybe they all will, just like Ma, just like Opa.  

Then Christopher asked to borrow my camera.  He has a good eye for the art of photography. 
This was his 'selfie'.  

 Then Chris came out and snapped a picture of Sam taking a picture of Chris.  Follow all that?
They were wanting to get started shooting fast and furious, it started to worry me.  

So I took my camera back, and just snapped this little fellow. 

Then we decided to run away for dinner.  Daddy wasn't home, he was fixing Prinny's damage at Amy's house, so I decided to give the boys a special treat, take them out someplace Daddy never would go.  Out for breakfast for dinner!  We rarely have breakfast for dinner (it's just crazy talk after all) and if we do, we certainly don't go out for it, because as Eric would say, we can make it at home.  True.  But sometimes getting a honking pile of pancakes with all the trimmings is just what a boy or a girl needs. And apparently some crazy boys too. 

Jacob was a Huge fan of IHOP's pumpkin pancakes.  And both big boys ate their entire pancake brinner. In fact, Chris needed seconds!  Growing boys need pancakes.  Sometimes a little breaky IS just what we need. Even if it's breakfast for dinner.