Thursday, September 11, 2014

Crazy Sock Day


A High Point to any kids school year. 

Crazy Sock Day. 

The boys raided my sock drawer to pick up some crazy socks to wear to school yesterday.  On crazy sock day, the kids can make them crazy, wear them mismatched, it can get Wild.   But the boys just pulled fun socks out of my drawer to wear.  Chris has my toe socks, one tie-dyed, and the other sparkly red.  Sam has a Santa Christmas sock, and the other a pink anklet with a mustache on it. Neither boy won the class contests, but I thought they were adorable.  

My sister put it best, all they need is a tea cozy for a hat. Yup, then they would look just like the house elves in Harry Potter.  My boys would make really cute house elves, but then one would have to be productive around the house.  We'll just say, that they are adorable in their mismatched socks. :)