Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Boyz be crazy

 It was Picture Day on Tuesday.  So the boys wore their First Day of School shirts. 

I asked them to show me the smiles that they gave the photographers at school. 
If this is any indication, they will be blurry crazy messes.  Oh well, I suppose that's true to life. 
So if the photographer captured the level of crazy, then I suppose that's true to life too. 

And this also happened.  Jacob learned how to climb up on the kitchen table.  
I had to try my hardest not to burst into laughter at him. I just said, ever so sternly, Oh Jacob. 
This was his 'shame' face  It didn't last.  But it was really adorable.  I had to have Eric come in and see so that I could run for my camera.  Then we just got him down, trying not to laugh hysterically. 
This one is gonna be my Trouble boy.