Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May in Review

Ok, this is being backdated because I totally forgot to do this at the end of May.

1. Read the bible. I did read more of 1st Samuel, even finished it, and started 2nd Samuel, but that's as far as I got. Actually it was amazing, after a long time of avoidance, I picked it up and started reading, the passage was ‎2 Samuel 18-22: "Who am I, my Master God, and what is my family, that you have brought me to this place in life? ...You know me, Master God, just as I am. You've done all this not because of who I am but because of who you are --out of your very heart! --but you've let me in on it. This is what makes you so great, Master God! There is none like you, no God but you..."
It gave me chills, literally. Because that really summed up how the last few months have been. Here we are, Blessed to have a couple miracle babies, and He Blesses us even further, with a new house that is going up by God through Eric. But I feel like he's really let us in on the process of Miracles. My God! My boys are amazing miracles Every Day I get to see them grow, their wonder, I literally get to see miracles in Action. I had to stop reading, I could go no further.

2. Go to Choir. Massive fail on this one. Church has just been so difficult. Chris has many good reasons to not feel like cooperating. On my Birthday, I came home in tears, it was so difficult. I can barely handle taking them to church, let alone leaving him to do choir. And choir ended mid-month for the summer season. We'll try again next year, we should be in the house then, and I'll have my husband back when we go to church.

3. Join a gym. It's all well and good if you join a gym, but it only works if we actually go. This month has been too crazy for me to go.

4. Take a photography class. I got a neat opportunity this month. I took an online class seminar with an actual food photographer, Penny de los Santos. I couldn't do the whole thing because it was like 6 hours a day, and well, I have another full time job, it's called Raising Sweetboys.

It was interesting, but really around here, macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets just aren't pretty enough food to photograph. I find I've been having more fun photographing flowers. And May is an awesome month for flowers.

We got beautiful tulips. But we also got a lot of rain during the tulip season, I didn't even make it to the zoo.

Grandma's Irises went bonkers, and turned out real pretty this year. I really thought the house would sell when they were in bloom.

But it didn't, and that's ok, because with all the insanity of the month, we wouldn't have had time to move anyway.

My mystery mom at MOPS gave me a beautiful red gerbera daisy and I loved playing with taking pictures of it.

Practicing editing a bit more in picasa.

So did Sam, he beheaded one of the flowers, but that just gave us more opportunity to play.

My personal fav.

And the new house got a driveway, so added our prints to that. Someone told me I should frame this one.

5. Get the boys healthy. Big Steps taken here. Chris's surgery was the 24th of May! They put in his MACE, he calls it his surgery spot, we're still recovering. We got home the Friday after the surgery, and just have been chilling for the holiday weekend. He seems kind of constipated. But he's feeling good enough to get on my nerves. Our visit to the hospital was kind of crazy, Chris received good treatment, but there were a couple problems in the hospital, not with any long term effects on Chris, but enough to freak me out pretty good. He came home with a tube in the stoma, acting as a placeholder that will help the spot heal around it, better for long term. Though it's stitched to Chris and taped to him, and its uncomfortable for him. But the flushes seem to be going well. At the beginning of May, Chris had a sleep study done, and the results were the same as the one he had in 2007, but when we got home from the hospital there was a message from his Dr. they want him to have his tonsils and adenoids out sometime this summer too. Ugh. But if it helps, it helps. That would be great. Anything that helps. He's been doing well with his therapy too, we've been doing Doug once a month, and Miss Lisa on the off weeks.
Meanwhile Sam is fine, a little grumpy, teething, feisty. We keep going on his thickened milk and he drinks water when we're out. So he's good, with everything going on with Chris, he's just a bit of an emotional mess. But hey, aren't we all?!