Sunday, May 22, 2011


"The Guys" came on Thursday and poured the driveway and sidewalk. So of course, we had to go by and put our handprints in the concrete.

Mommy got to go first!

Then Daddy helped Chris take a turn.

Then it was Sam's turn to put a hand in the concrete.

And last but certainly not least, Daddy!

The driveway wasn't even dry, and the excavator guys came out to do the final grade. They stayed quite late Friday night to make sure the job got done.

The guy even brought his son out, and the kid was off roading in our yard. (Yeah, that's how big the new yard is, so big a kid can offroad in his ATV on it!) He was riding along, with a rake attached to the back, zipping along raking the dirt flat. So cool. They were there late laying down the seed and hay to keep the seed in place.

Chris and Grandma got to be the first ones to walk on it, once it was dry for 24 hours. But we don't want to drive on it for at least 20 days...the longer we keep cars off it, the longer it will last.

Check out that driveway. So pretty. AND it ended up raining a bit yesterday, just enough to set the seed, yahoo!

We are the Willmans and this is our house.