Friday, May 6, 2011

Primed and Ready

Eric worked all night into my birthday putting primer on most of the house. Except the garage. Monday night, after we'd picked up more Primer, he went back and finished priming the garage, whose ceiling is obnoxiously tall.

The day before yesterday, he went and rented the paint sprayer again. Turns out if you rent a sprayer at like 7 oclock and night and return it by 7 a.m. they'll only charge you half a days rent. Good deal if you are crazy enough to pull an all nighter...which Eric is. And when he was headed over there, there were guys!

Guys putting up trim on the outside, getting ready for gutters - woohoo!

By yesterday the house looked so pretty, the outdoor trim makes it look so Snazzy!

And the inside, oh yes, that's ready too...walls are Primed, and ceilings are Painted.

Eric is taking today off, and getting ready for Paintfest 2011. The ceiling is done, windows are taped, there are no floors so it's going to be easy peasy. We'll be picking up paint and supplies this morning, and Eric's going to start trimming today. Woohoo! We'll be putting paint and supplies in each room, and anyone that wants to come over and paint can just do so. Can you tell I'm a little excited?!