Saturday, May 14, 2011

All Kinds of Productive

Special Delivery yesterday. Doors. Lots of doors. Almost a beautiful amount of doors and frames, like a dozen of them all told.

And 'The Guys' brought a snort over, Eric says it' a trench digger, my guess is they'll come back, when it's not raining and put the gutters to drain in the dirt, and trench it out into the yard. It's almost like Yard Work, yahoo!

AND Eric finished painting the ceiling touchups. And started the next phase....Cabinet building!

He finished working on stuff and worked another 6 hours and built 8 cabinets! Today then he put together 10 more and started the process of mounting them!

I love my kitchen window. Can't you just see a plant growing here, or a birdfeeder just outside. Ahh...

Yeah baby, nice shelves!

That is going to be some kind of snazzy kitchen!


Suellen said...

You are getting so close! :) Do you know when the BIG DAY is yet?

Cathy said...

No idea. I am excited about the House but really can't see much past Chris's surgery on the 23rd. I think Eric might be pretty happy with moving in over Father's Day weekend...he'd like sooner, I'm sure, but with the surgery I don't know.

Suellen said...

I get that. One thing at a time.