Saturday, May 14, 2011

Members Night

I love going to The Children's Museum on Members Night.

They only offer it every couple months or so, but there's No Field Trips. No big kids running wild running over my children. All the kids running around have parents close behind. We pack a picnic dinner, and have a free evening with friends. This was my second. The boys and I arrived first and visited the dinosaurs. Chris and Sam ventured forth hand in hand, such sweet brothers.

Together, the sweetboys do a little archeological digging.

Though, honestly, it's the goggles that really do it!

Two little dinos sitting on eggs in a nest.

It was perfect timing, just about the time the boys were done playing Dinosaurs, our friends arrived! So we all went up to the Barbie exhibit. Nothing says fun with the friends like duking it out over the Barbie phones.

We had some budding photographers, and a couple budding models.

Work that neon green skirt Sam! I swear, HE picked it out. I just put it on. ;)

Brett and Bryn took great turns playing photographers while my boys modeled.

Chris says Word Up. Better than 'I'm a Barbie a Barbie World'. That song repeats, and wears me out.

We had a great dinner, visited 'Egypt', though really I think most parents just chased their kids through that exhibit, and sat down while the kids played with the fireworks of glass models in the basement.

Sam and I took a lap or two on the rotating seat that turns underneath the glass ceiling. A self portrait. He's a sneaky minx, but we had a great trip, but I was TIRED when we got home, it was the most I'd done at that museum in quite a while.