Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Showing off the Eiteljorg

Yesterday the boys and I met my college roomie and her family at the Eiteljorg museum.

AKA The Cowboys and Indians Museum.

We went through their Red/Black exhibit, which focuses on former slaves who became Indian tribes, and the culture that resulted. There was a quiz at the end, to see if we could identify race based on looks alone. I'm a little happy to say we all flunked madly. Yeah for not being racist!

So we took the kids downstairs to play in the play area. They loved it. Sam's favorite is the dulcimer, which he showed Ian and Aaron how to play.

And it tickles me that the kids get such a kick out of this 'old fashioned' phone, especially Chris. It's so old there's a cord from the earpiece to the base.

Boys with drums and drawing. The bigger kids loved this station, almost as much as they loved getting dressed up. Poor Aaron, at least the bonnet we put on him was blue. ;)

How tall are all these sweetboys? The world may never know, they don't hold still long enough to compare them to the giant fish.

I must confess I held off posting this entry for a little while because I wanted this one picture. The only thing we got close to a mass group shot. We didn't get Carla and Bill, but we got me surrounded by boatloads of cuteness, even if Sam's diaper had exploded and I was holding him tightly...eww. Either way, there's plenty of other cuteness, my boys love her boys; it was a good trip.

God bless facebook and the internet for bringing our families back in touch.