Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jobs I'd like at Riley

Spending the week at Riley hospital for children we get to see a lot of the goings on. Each time we come, I learn more about what they do here, and I find things I really enjoy about the place.

1. Librarian. Sam and I went cruising through the Riley library for the first time last month, and I was quite impressed. Lots of books and movies for kids. So, while Chris was in surgery yesterday, we took advantage of them being open 9-5 during the week, to stop in. We left with 4 DVDs, 4 books for Chris, a book for Eric, and a trashy People magazine for a reusable bag handmade by the Cheer guild. They operate by 2 librarians and other volunteers manning the shifts, so sometimes they have volunteers working evenings and weekends. Amy P. you could have STOCKED UP on your youth books for class here! But I could totally get behind making sure the kids and parents have plenty to read here.

2. Cheer Guild. See the bag above. That bad boy is all mine. It's pink, definitely too girly for boys. ;) They also make sure that anyone that has a test: bloodwork, or surgery, or anything, gets a new toy. They also make sure that every kid that comes through Recovery gets a hand made dog pillow. They all have the same standard pattern front..but the back is a fabric. Chris got a shamrock one when he had his pull thru procedure on St. Patrick's day. He's got about 5 of them. We got another one yesterday made of Double Bubble bubble gum fabric. So fun. When I can get crafty again, I want to get involved with this organization.

3. Child Life Specialist. Our first experience with these ladies was back in November, when we had a wonderful gal show up with her Ipad when we were in Radiology. The nurses and such were messing with his nether regions for the VCUG, and the gal from Child Life was showing him Diego cartoons. When we were admitted that day, the gal would come in and check on Chris, even inviting him to a Music group. Monday, we had a gal that had a Toy Story story on her ipad that read pages when Chris turned them and helped distract while he was getting his NG tube placed. Then she brought him painting supplies, and a plaster bank, and wooden car for him to paint. Which he did. When we were in surgery yesterday she brought a Turtle Pillow pet, (which is a local kid's wish that all kids here get a Pillow Pet, we saw donation boxes at the Third Day concert we went to in March, and had heard about it on the radio, and now Chris is a recipient) and a green cars fleece blanket. Today we were given a Pillow Pet mini to send home for Sam! How wonderful it would be to be able to be able to distract kids from these icky things. On the other hand, as I recovered from Chris getting his tube, and I was near tears at being helpless to help him. I don't know if I could handle seeing kids in pain, multiple times a day. Not sure yet if That's where God needs me to be.

4. Baby holder. You think I'm kidding. The unit where Christopher is staying has a lot of babies on it right now. I've only seen 2 school age kids. Every room I walk by has a baby in it. And sadly, most of them don't have their Mamas staying with them every minute. The nurses have their hands full. Last night, I saw our nurse sitting holding a baby, a teeny thing, while she charted. I said, well, there's a sucky perk to your job, holding babies. I could do that job. She said, actually we do have Volunteer Baby holders. That is a Job I could get behind. There was this little 6 week old sweetie, who'd just had ostomy surgery, oh yeah, we're old hat with that. I was like, you're kidding. Seriously sign me up for that! And it's apparently a real job. Baby Holder.


Sarah Forgrave said...

Wow, I had no idea they did some of those things! Baby Holder...I may have to look into that one when my own babies are all grown up and in school. :)

Elizabeth said...

I actually have told Doug for years and years that I'd love to be a Baby Holder in the hospital. I love your list of jobs!!