Monday, May 9, 2011

From Sucky to Sweet

You know how I've been all stressed out lately. Well, that's nothing like my sister who has spent the last month alone with her girls age 2 1/2 and 1. Charlie just turned 1 last Thursday, but because of crazy schedules and recovering illnesses we weren't able to celebrate until today. Because of course you know, it's my job as an Aunt to spoil her obnoxiously and bake a cake and take a thousand pictures.

I think its rubbing off on Chris too, because he had been bugging me to bake a cake for Charlie. So today the girls came over. And Chris and Annie helped make a cake for Charlie.

And decorate of room for Charlie, or Charlotte, so we ran with Charly. Not bad for improvising with preschoolers.

And it was so cute. They played sweetly, watched a little Toy Story together. We tried napping. But it was a massive fail. So I decided it was time to sugar them up before sending them home, hopefully my sister forgives me.

We even put a Birthday bib on Charles deGirl. She was ready!

And we all sang Happy Birthday to Charlie, who wanted to play with the candle, not blow it out.

She was also happy enough to play with some icing too.

Check out that tongue!

Baby goes wild for her cake!

Charlie is so good natured, she didn't even mind much getting stripped down and thrown in the tub.

She was happy enough once she got there.

But the other kids were even happier.Charlie kept trying to walk around. Love those little bottoms.

I tell you there is no better blackmail material than naked cousins in the bathtub. Watch out for bubbles in the eyes.

It was mass hysteria, getting all the yahoos out of said tub, but I firmly believe the odds of 2 against 4 are always better than 1 on 2.

And thus we took a stinky day, and brought some sunshine and sweetness out of it together. And then it started getting stinky again, and kids went home and it sucked more, making up for lost time, I don't know. But it was fun while it lasted.


Yasher said...

LOL Bathtub cousin photos! Love it!