Tuesday, May 31, 2011

House update,,,,Shhh...

I shouldn't say anything...but you know me, I'm terrible at keeping any secrets, or surprises. While Chris was having surgery last week, Eric took the week off and worked on the house. And it's getting very exciting, and the time is near!

For the most part, Eric worked on the flooring. In our current house, he used some special products, Daisch Coatings, on our master bathroom. He's using it on a larger scale at the new house.

Step 1 is to put down a waterproof membrane layer. It's really cool because it just rolls on with a roller. So we're doing it in the mud room and bathrooms.

It's going to be neat in the upstairs bathrooms, because he's using different stuff for floors and in showers. Here's the boys' bathroom.

Then he puts another texturing coat, or non-texturing, as the case may be. In the boys bathroom, it's going to look like ceramic tile, rather than spread rocks like in our bathroom.

This was how Eric blocked off the mud room and bathrooms, making sure no shoes get on our special flooring layers. Even he is walking around barefoot, leaving his sandals outside in the doorways.

The weekend before Chris's surgery, "The Guys" did the final grading and seeded the yard. By the time I got back over to the house on Friday night...there was a haze of green in the yard, coming up through the hay. Can you see it?

Equally impressive was the work Eric did in the kitchen. That's our new tiffany style lamp that will go over the breakfast table. Eric is putting the finishing touches on getting the base cabinets together, but he has to put a layer of flooring down first, so that once we put floors down, it will all be even. Something like that. Anyway, cabinets are almost done, looking fabulous on Friday.

Check out the difference when we went back on Monday. Look at that lovely hint of green in the yard. Oh and the boys are cute too. ;)

The boys were so excited that there were doors last night. They kept wanting to throw them open, particularly the closet (elevator shaft/storage) doors. Chris was just as thrilled with his room's sliding closet doors.

And the bathrooms are getting grout lines. Eric puts special grout tape down where he wants the grout lines to be, then he'll apply another layer, this will be the layer that looks like what we want...like in the boys room, it's going to be a dark blue glaze, to create a blue ceramic tile, under the sea motif. It's gonna be gorgeous!

Meanwhile, the Willman boys spent a nice chunk of time yesterday putting up ceiling fans. Eric's Dad is really getting the hang of it. And since the air conditioning isn't working in the new house, and it's been 90 degrees, getting air moving is a Priority. And it looks good too!

My kitchen is looking more and more finished. The pre-flooring preparations are coming together, and the big deal this weekend was that Dad and Eric set up the sink base, that cabinet that starts the island in the middle of the floor. But with just the breakfast lamp on, it looks so cozy in there, even with a little mess, it's going to be so cozy.

The end is in sight. Though I dare not say anything too loudly. But we may be moving this month. Shhh! We don't want to jinx it. It's been a long time coming. I'm trying not to get too excited. I keep getting so happy when I think of finally being able to live in this house. It's our Dream House, and our dream is so close to coming true. God is letting it come together, it's almost done, and He's working so wisely in things starting to come together, well, I can't wait.


Elizabeth said...

It looks Great, Cathy! That flooring in the bathrooms is so cool!